Online Boxing Betting in USA

Boxing is one of the world’s best-loved sports betting , and is one of the most bet on as well. In fact, punting on game outcomes is often more lucrative and rewarding than fighting in the ring. Being such a worldwide phenomenon, many types of bets have evolved and are on offer at online American betting sites. There is also plenty of information on different fighters that can be easily accessed so this is a great place for new punters, while the action is so exciting that everyone stays entertained. To learn more about boxing betting, check out our guidelines below.

With boxing being as popular as it is, there are matches being played all around the world at all times, and many are available to you at the online American betting sites reviewed here. International time zone differences mean that it is easier to monitor and bet on local or at least national fights, which can make researching players simpler. For big internationally recognized fights most fans and bettors make the effort to stay awake and glued to their TV sets!

Besides a staggering array of boxing markets, the number of different bets that can be placed on matches is also amazing and can actually be a little overwhelming. That’s why we always recommend starting with simpler punts and getting comfortable with these before starting to investigate more exotic options at your own pace.

When you come to actually place your bets, check each player’s trainer, recent match history, reach, height, weight and any other facts you can, and stay alert for boxing betting tips. The classic win/lose bets are a great place to begin, and you can start experimenting from here. Many online American sportsbooks offer different odds for different rounds within a fight, which can be a great way to generate more wins as you learn about different fighters. If, for example, you predict the number of a fight’s final round or how a fight will end – a knockout decision or TKO – you can get paid out much more.

There are also sometimes multiple fights on one bill, and for these some online American sportsbooks take your boxing betting thrills even further by offering multiple bets which are similar to what is available on horse races. All your predictions are on one ticket and all of their odds are multiplied together. This is much more risky than single bets, because every wager has to win for you to be paid out, but your odds are considerably increased and so are you potential rewards. If you feel sure about the bets you are placing, it’s definitely an opportunity worth considering.

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The Best Boxing Betting in USA

Boxing betting brings the best of all worlds together, combining its proud traditions with dynamic modern options. It’s easy to see why it keeps growing more and more popular at American-friendly online betting sites, and why you owe it to yourself to get in on all the action. To start your adventures with boxing bets, check out some of the great sites we have reviewed and put some money down on a few fights.