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Traditionally reserved for the UK and former Commonwealth countries like Australia, India and South Africa, the “gentleman’s game” is becoming increasingly popular in the States, with 17 teams now belonging to the Americas branch of the International Cricket Council (ICC).

And where there is sport, betting inevitably follows. But betting on major American sports like the NFL betting and NBA betting is hard enough to come by these days – let alone finding a place to wager on cricket.

All that is changing now, though, thanks to the Internet. American-friendly sports betting online who appreciate the demand for cricket betting are springing up all over the place. And this website is the perfect place to start your online cricket betting adventure.

We have conducted an extensive search and picked out the best US-friendly cricket betting sites for you to choose from. They have highly competitive odds, an exciting range of bets, a variety of matches and tournaments to wager on and, of course, huge payouts!

One of the great things about cricket is the variety of versions of it that exist. The essential difference between the different types of cricket comes down to the length of the game.

Test cricket is a particularly unique team sport as each match spans a whole five days. A lot can happen in five days, with each team generally taking the lead at various points in time before the winner finally emerges. Then you have one-day or limited overs cricket, which is confined to a single day, offering a simplified cricket betting experience ideal for novices.

Finally, the pulse-racing action of Twenty20 cricket is becoming a worldwide phenomenon as a colorful spectacle that has fans on their feet for just 20 overs a side or three hours.  Major international cricket events include the ICC World Cup and Women’s World Cup (which take place every four years, ICC Champion Trophy (every two years), and the ICC World Twenty20.

With the variety of match types come a range of exciting cricket betting options.

The simplest and most common of these are moneyline or straight-up bets, where you can bet on the outcome of a match and get paid out according to the odds. Although the favorite team may be more likely to win, it will have lower odds than the underdog, which makes choosing who to bet on a little trickier and more exciting than it seems.

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You can also weigh in on what you think the final match score will be, by predicting the total number of runs to be scored by both teams collectively or by each team. You can even try to forecast whether the total will be an odd or even number. This type of cricket betting generally has better odds, particularly if there is a clear favorite.

Then there are bets on series scores, which require you to predict the ultimate outcome of a series of matches – be it the winner or the final score.

Finally, for a more personal touch, you can try player bets, which require you, for example, to pick the top bowler, top run-scorer, the number of wickets scored by a particular bowler and more.

A few moments ago, you thought cricket betting was the furthest thing from possible. Now you know that it’s right at your fingertips. What are you waiting for? The ICC Cricket World Cup is around the corner – you’d better get practicing!