Ice hockey Betting in USA

Originating in about 1800, in Canada, the first ordered indoor games occurred in March of 1875. It was not until 1903, however, that the love of the game spread beyond Canada’s borders, into the United States of America and some cities in Europe.  The first professional team that was formed, the Portage Lake hockey club, was formed in Michigan around this time, and in 1909 Ambrose O’Brien established the NHA, National Hockey Association, from which the NHL, National League, was developed. Ice hockey betting has probably been enjoyed since the first amateur games began, but the internet has made it far easier for Americans to take part, and uninterrupted access to the best games happening anywhere in the world is now a happy reality for fans of the game.

The game now ranks as one of the four most popular sports in North America, and, as a result, ice hockey betting is a firm favorite for those who enjoying laying wagers online. Fans will not only be able to bet on the NHL regular and post seasons but on many others too, as American-friendly sportsbooks now offer great odds on European League hockey games as well as those that form part of the Olympic games. While there are several props made available for these games, the two most popular bets are those made on the Puck Line and those made on the Money Line.

American bettors who regularly participate in sports betting will recognize the Money Line bet, as it appears here exactly as it does for other sports. It is the sometimes not so simple matter of laying a wager on which team you think will win the game.

If a game were to be played between the Texas Stars and the Hershey Bears, for example, with the Money Line for the Texas Stars being -150 and +170 for the Hershey Bears, the favorite would be the Texas Stars. Bettors placing $150 dollars on the Texas Starts would win $100 should they triumph, while those favoring the underdogs, the Hershey Bears in this case, would win $170 plus their original bets of $100 should they manage to win.

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Ice hockey Betting with the Best Sportsbooks in USA

The Puck Line is probably the most popular wager in ice hockey betting, and is also known as the Spread, as it adds the Money Line in. Should the Texas Stars have -1.5 +17 displayed alongside their name, along with the Hershey Bears at +1.5 -215, the Puck Line will have altered the Money Line, since the underdogs, the Hershey Bears, are spotted one and a half goals. If you lay your wager on the Hershey Bears and they lose by only one point, you will still be able to collect your payout as this score falls within the spread. If you bet on the Texas Stars to win the match they must do so by at least two points for you to be able to collect.

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