The Best USA NHL Betting

The NHL is the most significant competition level in the game of ice hockey, and, although the majority of players are Canadian, because of the origin of the game, many US players take part as well. American sportsbooks offer great betting for interested individuals and the fun and excitement is hard to beat.

Two conferences make up the NHL, the Western and Eastern. The Western conference is made up of three further divisions, the Pacific, Northwest and Central, and the Eastern conference in turn is divided into the Southeast, Northeast and Atlantic divisions. Three seasons make up the terms of the NHL each year, beginning with the exhibition season in September, running through into the regular season from October to mid-April and ending with the post season, or Stanley Cup playoffs, from mid-April to June. Perhaps one of the reasons for the popularity in NHL betting is that it is not available all year round, and American bettors must make sure to get in to the correct markets as the season plays out. Each period of the season offers great betting opportunities and bettors the world over take part when it begins.

Each of the teams competing will play 82 games, half at home and half out on the road. They will compete against all the other teams in their division six times, then match up against teams in other divisions a total of four times, and play the remaining 18 matches against teams from the opposing conference. Each team will face off against the other at least once, allowing for a number of very interesting NHL mobile betting opportunities.

A team will be awarded two points for winning a match, and one point for a loss incurred during overtime or a shootout, but will receive nothing if the game is lost during regular time. The seed positions for each team are determined through this process, and they determine whether a team will have a shot at the Stanley Cup.

A very popular regular season NHL betting type is the Win bet, also known as the Head to Head wager, which featuring a huge odds variety as the season begins, changing drastically as teams fail to score and fall out. Select the team you think most likely to win, and collect your payout according to the odds when you are proven right.

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Stanley Cup NHL Betting Odds in USA

Lord Stanley of Preston, the Governor General of Canada, was a massive hockey fan, and he introduced the Stanley Cup trophy in 1892 to honor the NHL’s top performing team. It is one of the most prestigious sports prizes in the world, and features the name of each team member to take it.

It is a best of seven series, and the top eight teams from each conference compete in three rounds for a chance to play in the finals. This is the NHL betting highlight of the year, and American bettors will be able to find odds on various aspects of the games. The two most popular bets are the Puck Line and the Money Line, and Futures NHL betting can also yield substantial payouts when the season draws to a close.

Sign up for an American-friendly sports betting account today and get in on the great NHL betting opportunities available online. Let your favorite team put a little extra money in your pocket as you enjoy the exciting games from the comfort of your own home.