Online Election Betting in America

Every four years, just about the only thing on people’s lips is the race to the Whitehouse. Opinions on the topic abound – on TV, in the papers and in bars and living rooms all over the world. Even people who don’t vote have something to say and, chances are, so have you. In fact, many people have taken to betting actually on election outcomes with as much excitement as when the Superbowl or Kentucky Derby.

If you are one of them and would like to up the ante beyond friendly bets with your buddies, the Internet has become a choice destination for election betting. Many American-friendly online sportsbooks now offer election betting right alongside odds on horse racing betting and the NFL, with major payouts up for grabs. The best of these present election betting that is safe, convenient and simple. We recommend the USA-friendly sports betting sites listed here because they offer this in addition to prime betting odds, an exciting variety of elections and the promise of significant payouts.

The premier USA-friendly sportsbooks listed here offer election betting on all sorts of races – local and international, major and minor. And, with such a wide variety of elections on offer, you are bound to find several election betting opportunities each year. Naturally, election betting really heats up when the citizens of the world’s major democratic or semi-democratic powers converge on the polls. Some of these include the Russia, India, France, the UK, Germany, Japan and, of course, the US. The US presidential race is perhaps the most significant of these, considering the power wielded by this world leader.

And, if American history is anything to go by, there is no such thing as a sure-win. This was demonstrated in 1948 and ’68 when Truman and Nixon respectively confounded nearly every prediction by winning out over favorite competitors in two of the most historic election upsets to date. Imagine if your underdog pick surprises everyone with an upset of their own! US congressional elections are also a particular favorite of American bettors as local candidates and political climates are easier for US citizens to gauge than those in foreign countries.

Finally, election betting becomes truly exciting in unique cases such as newly democratized countries such as South Africa in 1994 and Germany after the 1989 fall of the Berlin wall.

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A Wide Range of Election Betting Options USA

Beginner bettors are likely to opt for the simplicity of a straight up to-win bet, whereby they attempt to forecast the candidate or party that will win the race.

Bettors who are more experienced, have plenty of intricate and riskier bets with larger payouts to choose from. Moneyline bets, for example, involve wagering on the precise number of seats in parliament or congress that each party will win. Like point spread bets in sport, election betting on the ultimate number of votes accumulated by each party is also available, as are predictions of the rankings of each candidate.

The World’s Best Election Betting Online USA

Much like sports betting, election betting involves a significant amount of strategy. The more you know about each candidate’s political and personal lives, the likelier you are to bet on a winner. Consider each politician’s campaign promises, public opinion, expert analysis, and the prevailing political climate, among other things.

Particularly when it comes to US presidential and congressional races, remember that election betting is not the place to cast your vote. Bet on the candidate that is most likely to win and leave your own personal pick for the polls.