Golf Betting with USA-Friendly Sites

Where will you find half of all major golf courses on Earth and the birthplace of some of history’s greatest players, including Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Bubba Watson? In the United States, of course.

500 years since the sport first emerged in Scotland, its unofficial home is now the USA, with millions of passionate fans across the States. Golf betting, which began on the course amongst players, is also fast becoming a national American pastime. And it’s not just in Vegas that golf betting buffs are making their wagers. Internet betting has increasingly become the method of choice for American bettors. This enables them to weigh in on top tournaments taking place all over the world without ever leaving their homes. In fact, mobile tennis betting even allows fans to keep betting when they’re on the move, using their smartphones or tablet computers.

To ensure that the only gamble you take is on the green, we have found US-friendly online sportsbooks that present the best online golf betting experience. They offer exceptional odds on a wide range of golfing events and, naturally, some potentially enormous payouts.

The US Open, the Masters Tournament, the British Open, the Australian Open, the PGA Championship, and more – all of the most prestigious international events are available for golf betting online at our exceptional US-friendly sportsbooks.

You can also extend your golf betting fun by wagering on the many lesser tournaments and charity events that take place each year or by turning to the second-tier, women’s, and pro-am divisions.

Online golf betting is for betting buffs and first-time bettors alike.

If you are new to golf betting, you may be inclined to go for something quite basic like a tournament bet, which is simply a wager on the outright victor of the entire tournament. Be warned, though, that, when it comes to golf betting, all is not as it seems.

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Start Golf Betting Online in USA

Although tournament bets promise big payouts if they pan out, they are a whole lot trickier than they appear. This is because the scores of the top few golfers in a tournament are often so close that predicting the ultimate winner is actually pretty much a guessing game. Then there are players like Tiger, who went on such a strong and lengthy winning streak during the 2000s that everybody basically assumed that he would win every time he stepped onto the green. This meant that the odds on him became so low that the payouts were minimal.

Luckily, there is an alternative that experienced bettors love and newcomers are encouraged to try – the matchup bet. Matchup bets involve picking any two players and betting on which of them will perform better, regardless of the tournament’s ultimate outcome.

You can also bet on the top three or four places in the tournament or, if you’re looking for golf betting with a twist, try out props bets. Props bets focus on parts of a tournament that do not directly influence the final standings. These include bets on the likelihood of holes in one, playoffs, wire-to-wire winners, and the size of the margin of victory, among others.

Simply register for accounts with a few of the fine American-friendly online sports betting  listed here to find the odds, options and bonus bets that best suit you. Your golf betting adventure is about to begin!